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"Use what you got to get where you got to go." - Zane Rima

Brand Name: H D S N H

Includes the following:

- USB  Condenser Microphone - Popfilter - Microphone Desk Stand - XLR Cable to 3.5mm - Tascom Headphones - Foam Cover

Note from Zane Rima: This is a starter microphone, if you are willing to spend an additional $$ for a better quality microphone, click here. 

(That microphone is $59.99 but requires an audio interface or a phantom power box)

I wanted to help you find a budget friendly microphone with the whole bundle for a decent price and quality to get you started! (Hence, starter pack)

I will be partnering with this microphone company for a few microphones to see if these microphones are a good fit for you guys! 

Please feel free to email me and let me know and my team and I will assist you.

Check out the video where I made a "cheaper" mic sound better on the AmaZane Channel ( 

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(Shipping times may vary due to COVID-19)

 If you DO NOT live in the United States, shipping may take 2-4 weeks.