Vocal Vibez 7-Day Singing Course for Beginners!

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In this course, you will learn the basics in developing your singing voice.

- Video Tutorials, Vocal Workout Programs, Singing Meditation, Ear Training Sessions, (.mp3 downloads for vocal exercises), Lifestyle Guides etc.

- This course will help complete beginners who don't know a thing about singing, and singers who know how to use their voice but wants to have access to all the training guides and helpful tips!

Temporarily unavailable for orders until February 2021. 
If you have pre-ordered, join the private Facebook community with your peers! Please wait patiently for your early access to the course. Zane will keep you updated in the next few weeks!


  • Train your brain to work hard. Build self-confidence in your singing abilities.

  • Train your ears to be sensitive to pitch. If you have trouble staying on-key or understanding notes, this program will cover it!

  • Train your voice to work with you while singing!

  • Develop your tonality, increase your vocal range, and improve your agility in your riffs and runs!